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Rivers State Commisssioner of Police Tells Wike To Hand Over Ex-Managing Director of "NDDC"

The police have revealed to Rivers Governor Nyesom Wike to hand over the previous acting Managing Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Joi Nunieh to them. 

It was revealed that Rivers State Commissioner of Police, Joseph Mukan, made the interest during a gathering with Wike.

Mukan, who talked in Port Harcourt, said the previous Managing Director was summoned over a petition and she needed to be present to enable the police to conclude their probe.

He communicated certainly that Wike would hand her over so as not to be viewed as blocking police examination. 

While recognizing that the Governor may have been right to spare a resident from a circumstance that was not satisfactory to him, he said having known the explanation for the police activity, should make him move her to them.

Clarifying the situation of the police on what unfolded at Nunieh's residence, the Police boss stated:

"What really happened was that the Inspector General of Police Monitoring Unit rolled in from Abuja on an authentic obligation to welcome the ex-Managing Director to Abuja but tragically she did not respect the invitation. She rather called Governor Wike, who came to whisk her to the statehouse. 

"We anticipate that the Governor should turn her in on the grounds that the officials were not on unlawful obligation. He was correct to state that he needed to ensure her safety but yet since he understood that the officials were on real obligation, at that point he should surrender her to the police to proceed with their examination, which I accept he will do that".

"She is under doubt and examination will show whether she is punishable or not. Be that as it may, when the examination is being blocked how would you conduct a definitive examination?. The police commissioner added.

"We were there to welcome her and typical methods were followed. They acquainted themselves with her, disclosed their mission but she did not respond to them only for her to call the Governor, who came into her habitation. In the event that she had tailed them all these dramatisations could not have emerged". 

On Nunieh's case, the police specialists knew nothing about the activity, he stated:

" She is being affordable with reality. The officials reached our order and we embraced their examination exercises. We know about their quality here, so no one can say we did not know. 

"We are anticipating that the Governor should turn her over since it is affirmed that the officials were on real obligation. Along these lines, I do not accept he is going to prevent the police from carrying out their responsibility. He will without a doubt hand her over for legitimate examination. He can not hinder the examination. He is an official of the law as well. He is a legal advisor". 

On the high number of the police officers engaged with the activity and the planning, Mukan stated:

" She is not the only one in her home. She had a bunch of police officers in her home. She had more than 20 security workforce guarding her in her home. Along these lines, our men do not need to take any risk. So it is not uncommon to convey such a number".

"The Governor will do the needful. I was with him and I instructed him to hand her over. He will hand her over." Mukan concluded.

Do you see Wike's action as a breach for the police to successfully probe the Ex Managing Director?

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