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The Yahoo Boys of Nigeria and the Sakawa Boys of Ghana - What You Ought to Know

Right from the existence of time, human beings have always searched for ways of getting extra advantage from life. And one of the ways they have come up with, is defrauding fellow humans of their resources; particularly through internet also known as Cyber Fraud.

Cyber fraud or internet fraud is a type of cyber crime which makes use of the internet and could involve hiding of information or providing incorrect information for the purpose of tricking victims out of money, property and inheritance.

The Yahoo Boys of Nigeria

Yahoo boy is a name given to an internet fraudster in Nigeria. They are sometimes called 419 which was derived from the section of the Nigerian law that convict artistry and fraud or yahoo-yahoo gotten from the internet company Yahoo, Whose free e-mail accounts are sometimes used by scammers.

The Sakawa Boys of Ghana

Sakawa is a Ghanaian term for illegal practices, It was derived from the Hausa language and it means putting inside, how to make money. Scammers who involve in this practices are called Sakawa Boys

What you ought to know about both….

1. Both Yahoo boys and Sakawa boys refers to the same group of people, the name is the only difference.

2. Both Yahoo boys and Sakawa boys combine modern internet –based fraud with African traditionalist rituals. The rituals, which are mostly in the form of sacrifices, are intended to spiritually manipulate victims so that the scammers fraud is successful. When the victims are under spiritual influence, they are no longer themselves and does not know what they are doing until they foolishly give away everything the scammer asked for.

3. Both the Yahoo boys and the Sakawa boys engage in all different type of scam such as E-mail based scams, elder fraud, extortion, phishing, vishing, social media scams, travel scams, tax scams, cryptocurrency scams etc.

4. Both Yahoo and Sakawa are illegal and can attract a jail term when those who engage in them are caught.

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