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This is the reason why you should pray before helping a beggar

This is a real life story. One day, my pastor was going for a mission with his wife immediately after Sunday service in Abuja.

He decided to buy more patrol for his car at nearby filling station in case of necessities.

In front of the patrol filling station were numerous kinds of beggars; some blind, crippled, elderly parents looking for help and so many others.

As soon as the pastor and his wife joined queue in the patrol filling station, a crippled young man rushed them with high speed panting, saying "don allah, ka teyi maka, seboda allah" meaning, please help me because of god.

Pastor hardened his heart but his wife looked the man with an eye of mercy and decided to offer him a token.

Immediately the man collected the money pastor's wife became crippled as the man stood on his feet and about to zoom off.

Pastor screened and there was a congregation who came to help them. They started making arrangement to burn the man into ashes but some elder suggested that he must return pastor's wife to her normal stand before taking his cup of tea.

The young man agreed to return her to her normal stand but with condition. He said that he must kiss Pastor's wife breasts before she will turn back to her normal stand.

The statement made everybody angry and they started beating him mercilessly until some force men arrested him

The young man insisted to kiss pastor's wife breasts as the only possible way to reverse his charm.

Reluctantly, she opened her breasts for him to kiss. Immediately he kissed her breasts both of them disappeared leaving everybody confused.

Do you know that some beggars are richer than you? One day I heard a beggars demanding for a trip of dangote cement to complete his project.

Some of them sell their money together with their hand sticks to native doctors. Don't be surprised!!!

Furthermore, I am not encouraging you to stop helping beggars but I advice you to pray before you do so. Be careful on how you help.

Soul seed where land is fertile; pay tithe in your denomination, visit hospital at times, visit orphanage homes with bread.

In conclusion, always work with the direction of the spirit of God in you.

If you are the pastor would you allow your wife to open her breasts for the man? say something in the comment box below.

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Content created and supplied by: JudeEze-18 (via Opera News )



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