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Remember the 12 years old girl Married to an Older Man? She finally Gets Rescued In Edo State (pics)

Under the law of Nigeria it is a criminal offence Punishable under the Criminal Code for a Man to take a Child under 16 years out the Custody of her Father, with or without his Consent.

If you remember, A young girl was married to an Old Man Delta . The Man who Married this little Girl, claimed that She was married of to him by her Father.

He brought this little Girl to Edo, and was boasting to People that the Girl Child was his wife, but Fortunately Good Samaritans who saw him with the Girl Child Rescued her from him in Edo State. This girl has finally been rescued in Edo State from the hands of the man who married her.

In the video that went viral the Man was taken to the Police station in Edo state, for More investigation and possible prosecution.

What would make Parents Marry off their little Daughter to a Man way older Than the little Girl? Could poverty or stupidity be the reason for this. Whatever maybe the reason, this is totally illegal and unacceptable.

We call on the police to thoroughly investigate and prosecute this man for this heinous act.

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