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”Awala Boys” - Growing Up In Ajegunle Without Joining Bad Gang Is A Miracle (Opinion)

Ajegunle is a place in Nigeria where those that do not have much and those who managed their income lives. The word ”Ajegunle” means (where the wealth stays). It has different meaning also.

To my own understanding, Ajegunle is a place where the hoodlums and the criminals stay most and with the way they behave and fight sometimes might lead to making a small child took after their steps, there is no how he would not act like them if that what he or she see everyday, (smoking, drug abuse, assaulting and all those unfaithful acts).

Ajegunle (AJ City), is a place where joining a gang and taking drugs makes young people feel cool.”

Long time ago, a notorious criminal how were grabbed for stealing people’s properties, he narrated how he got himself to that act,

see the short story below;

Akhire, who was arrested by police described himself “I am a criminal who has tasted all kinds of crimes. I was a petty thief before I graduated into armed robbery, but it was not my fault. The search for a better life brought me to Ajegunle, where crime is a way of life.

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