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"Women Stop Treating Your Maids As If They Aren't Human" Man Rants As He Shared The Photo Of A Maid

It's appalling that this crime against humanity is becoming alarming among some of our married women these days. The wicked habit of maltreating their house helps should hence be stopped and it important the government try to intervene and find a lasting solution to this menace.

Only for this month, there have been countless reports of maids being abused and maltreated by their Madams. 

It can be recalled that recently that a madam beat hell out of her maid body causing her severe bodily harm on her back and buttock and now this one is obviously wickedness of the highest order.

According the post being shared on Facebook page by a Facebook user, Ibekwe Chioma Ubine posted in a Facebook page called 'Igbo Rant' (By Wisdom Atasie) where he said, married women should stop treating maids as if they were human like their kids, he however, called the attention of the government to this menace.

Let's all make it a point of duty this morning to start sharing this post until the government get hold of it and do something about this particular issue that become a daily trend on social media.

Mothers, we know things aren't right financially, but one day, some day, it's going to be alright. Stop giving out your children as maid to people henceforth!

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Ibekwe Chioma Ubine


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