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How to know the difference between real and fake Naira note

Have you ever fallen of victim of fake money before? Well for you to identify a fake money, you don't need any degree or educational qualifications.

There are always obvious differences between a real and fake Naira note.

These differences are not hidden, they are just there, all you have to do is to take a glance at the money well.

Here I'm going to list the ways out can identify a fake Naira note

1. First you have to check the paper and quality of the money

Fake(counterfeit) money is made of ordinary paper while real money is made of a special type of paper. If you feel the paper-quality of a fake money, you’ll find out that it’s just like that it's just like normal paper. The drawings on fake money are very much blurry, and sometimes darker than that of real paper money.

2. Try using a drop of water

For you to know a fake Naira note, wet the money or a part of it with some drops of water and scrub the wet part with your thumb. If it's fake the colour will wash off as you scrub but if it's real it stay normal.

3. The use of Mercury bulb

Well in most cases where you find it hard to notice a fake Naira just use a mercury bulb to view it and see what happens

Well I hope this was very useful

You can share your thoughts if you have more to add.

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