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Husband and wife relationship

Husband chained his wife to a generator, leaving her in that position all through the night.

One Ifeanyi Ajaero (37), chained his wife Obiageli (28) to a generator, leaving her in that position for an entire night, while he slept comfortably inside the house, in their Sagamu Ogun state residence. 

Neighbours called the police who came and rescued Obiageli.

They told the police that Ifeanyi batters her almost on a daily basis.

Some marriages dis days ewooo🤦🤦. I keep on saying dis BT some people will just tag me stupid woman, if your marriage is not working my dear quit marriage is meant to be enjoyed not to endure. Nothing is worth dying for in dis precious life DAT is as sweet as sugar. Forget what people will say and concentrate more on your own happiness. Even if you die in DAT marriage the same people will still blame you.

My brother, my sister walk out from any abusive relationship, he will change, she will change dats how my neighbour killed his wife with cylinder. Those who advised d lady to stay and always put d man in her prayers were d same very set of people who was shouting and blaming her why didn't she leave? BT by then it was too late to cry because she was laying on d pull of her blood.

My sister, my brother I repeat walk out if its not working for you, it worked for Mr A or MrsB is not a guarantee that it will work for you. Block your ears from what people may say even if you are there tongue must wag. Give way he or she is not d only man or woman on earth. My heart bleeds if I witness such case of abuse in marriage because its only ignorant DAT can cause such a thing.

Pick your pieces, put it together, compote yourself, put hope in yourself, believe in yourself as long as you are alive my dear there is hope. I pray none of you will witness domestic violence in his or her life because its not a good thing to behold.


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BT DAT Ifeanyi Ajaero Obiageli Sagamu Ogun


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