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Six spiritual sins and communication that affect relationship.

what happens to a man outside the home (in his job, business deals etc.) is determined largely by what happens in the home. The converse is also true. These sins include (but not limited to): 

1. Pride 

The most common manifestation of this is a refusal to listen to spiritual authority. The attitude of ‘my home is my business; no pastor or leader in Church has the right to interfere or advise or tell me what to do. I run my home as I deem fit’. This kind of person will struggle in his job, business or whatever else he/she is involved in as there will no be no release of grace to enable him excel (1 Peter 5:5) 

On the other hand God is very impressed with humility.

2. Anger 

It was Moses’ anger that prevented him from entering the Promised Land – cutting short his ministry. In both of these cases, it can be argued that the anger was justifiable maybe even out of a righteous indignation however the consequences were far more serious than the perpetuators imagined. Anger that is violent and incontrollable leading to saying all sorts of things is far more serious in God’s eyes than stealing, adultery and the other traditional ‘big’ sins. In fact this type is influenced by demons. 

3. Complaining 

We see this in the life of Elijah (1Kings 18,19). In 1Corinthians 10:1-12, we see God classifying complaining (murmuring) in the same category as fornication, idolatry and tempting God. Even when you have to do more that your share of an activity, do not complain, otherwise you reward may be burnt up by your mouth and it may even lead to bitterness. 

4. Unforgiveness, Bitterness & Strife 

Unforgiveness that is unchecked will lead to bitterness, which will in turn lead to strife. Then you have a situation described in James 3:14-16, an atmosphere of confusion and demonic activity. In short the devil enters the home/situation and starts wrecking all sorts of havoc in the health, finances, Job, business, children and all other aspects of the home. Hebrews 12:15 gives a further revelation on this: it is the offended party that harbours the bitterness & un-forgiveness that will be troubled not the offending party unless of course both parties are equally guilty. 

5. Physical Abuse & Cruelty 

In such extreme situations, immediate physical care must be taken to prevent continuation. There is even legal/police recourse. The guilty party if not repentant should be left alone as God deals very harshly with those who physically abuse His children (1Corinthians 3:16-17). 

6. Profanity 

Anther spiritual sin is profanity, which is defined as having no regard for sacred or spiritual things. Heb 12:16-17 gives the example of Esau who signed away his birthright with his mouth and several years later when he realized what he had done, it was too late to make amends despite the fact that he cried painfully. He did not realize that he was making a grave spiritual mistake when he signed away his birthright.

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