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Yahoo is bad, the Nigerian government should use all their seized cars as national official Taxi

Cyber crime has grown into a full-fledged business in Nigeria. The youth no longer see the need to work hard anymore. The trend of young boys driving latest cars, and cruising around town has become the attracting force for other young boys in the Nigerian societies.

These boys have also grown confidence on the street, they no longer fear any policeman as they know that they will always bribe their way out of the many police checkpoints on the roads.

For clarity purposes, if many people think that the Cyber crimes is a way to escape the hardship of the country, then what do you have to say to people who have legit businesses involving international clients, but have had their reputation destroyed, because the so-called yahoo boys have completely tarnished the image of all the citizens of the country for their own selfish reasons.

There was a time a man lost a multi-million naira deal after his client abroad told him they can no longer do business with him because of his nationality. Do you know the pain felt in this kind of scenario?

That is the reason why the Federal government established the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to combat the excesses of financial crimes, such as the activities of the fraudsters. Many cash recoveries have been made from these boys by the commission. Other things often recovered are laptops, exotic cars and houses.

It is high time the government made good use of these cars by handling them over to a nationally established cab company for these cars to be used as cabs (Taxi) around Nigeria. I am sure these exotic cars will add beauty to the Nigerian environment, and we can only thank the Yahoo boys for this.

The cars should probably be painted in the national flag colour. This will create more jobs for many people who cannot afford to get a job. while cleansing the communities of these bad guys and their activities, their recovered valuables should be used to develop the country.

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Thank you for Reading.

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