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List of Nigeria Police Force Rank you need to know.

These are the Nigeria police force Rank You Need to know. Some persons might says, what concerns me with the Nigeria police force Rank but, we all know, no knowledge is a waste. The Nigeria police force are our protector so we should try know at least, let try know some activities of them.

(1). Highest Rank: Inspector-General of Police (IGP)

(2). Deputy Inspector-General of Police (DIG)

(3). Asst. Inspector-General of Police (AIG)

(4). Commissioner of Police (CP) (In-charge of contingents in a state)

(5). Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP)

(6). Asst. Commissioner of Police (ACP)

(7). Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP)

(8). Superintendent of Police (SP)

(9). Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP)

(10). Asst. Superintendent of Police (ASP)

(11). Inspector of Police (IP)

(12). Sergeant Major (SM)

(13). Sergeant

(14). Corporal

(15). (Lowest Rank) Constable.

You can really see that the Nigeria police force are trying their best to keep things in order. If not for anything, we should appreciation their courage to do the work. Please chare for more people to be aware

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