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Red Alert for those in Anambara State: Be prayerful and vigilant

Please we need to be prayerful at all times as we can't be too careful to protect ourselves without divine intervention. This was just the case of one innocent lady in Awka, Anambara State Three days ago. The lady who was left stranded and totally hypnotized was interrogated by a concerned citizen who spotted out from the countenance of the lady that something was wrong somewhere.

Upon interrogation the lady said that a man driving a jeep approached asking her whether she knows a hospital claiming to be a clergyman from one Ebubenso Ministries. The lady further disclosed that while she was telling the man "No" that a guy just passed closed to her and asked her what the man was saying and before she knew what was happening, he made body contact with her. As soon as this happened, she immediately entered the jeep with them and they zoomed off. According to Lady the Man and his colleagues drove her to an FCMB bank where they cleared her account and her bag was also taken away from her.

After actualizing their mission they drove the lady out and dropped her on the way telling her that she should wait for them.

They girl disclosed that: her phone number is 09023276643, she from Abia state, her sister is living in Okpulo Awka, she lives in Akwueri .

See the link of the video below:

My advice is that we should be very prayerful and vigilant these days as some people out there are mean and ready to go extra mile for wealth acquisition.

Please like and share this post so that this girl will be found and taken Care of in due time by her parents, guardians and friend.

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