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The 4 reasons why the rich commits suicide

Anytime we hear or see the news of a wealthy man that committed suicide, an average man cannot understand because to him these are people who we perceive they have and are living a perfect life. But at the top they have a different story tell, some wish they could backward time and start all over again while some wish they can still make up with the little time left, but others could neither go front nor move back but decide to end it in their perceive crossroad. The following are four major reasons why the rich commit suicide:

Lack of True friendship and family:True friendship and family is scarce at the top, even when it seems the rich are surrounded with crowd but they deserted by true friends and family. Those who genuinely cares and are ready to be the shoulders they can cry on. Many wealthy individual loss family and friends on their quest for greener pasture, only to get there and realized they need people to share it with not spend it on.

Unasked questions:Many rich man and women starts our their financial journey without asking the question "WHY"(the question of purpose). It was myles munroa of blessed memory that said when the purpose of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable. Many starts out their financial journey not knowing money was not designed to be an end, but a means to an end. They realize they have acquired the supposed wealthy then "WHAT NEXT" and the question remain forever unanswered.

The unexpected becoming: Another reason why a rich man gives up on his wealth and decides to take his life, is because he can't believe what he sees in front of the mirror every morning. on his journey to financial freedom he gained the world but his soul was lost. So every morning when he wakes up checks his new reality beyond the expensive clothes, car,house and accessories is a monster,greedy, paranoid,sick,weak and heartless fellow the reality overweighs him, then suicide becomes his supposed escape root.

Absence of the presence of divinity:Every man is created with a gap and emptiness beyond words, divinity was the only option that could fill it. The rich tried many things from shopping for the best clothes and accessories, to living in the most comfortable houses, going on vacation in expensive countries but that space remain unfilled.But their arrogance and ignorance never gave them to opportunity to fix the puzzle nor search it out, then they decides to end it all and commit suicide. But if you are just starting or still on your journey to wealth, pay and attention to the points mentioned above and save yourself the regrets of the wealthy.

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