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Husband and wife relationship

Positive Ritual A Woman Can Do To Liberate Her Husband From Financial Difficulty.

A woman has powers spiritually more than a man which God gave to her.

A woman by virtue of been a woman although weak physically is powerful spiritually but the problem is most of them don't know what they have.

A woman has power to lift her man or to bring him down financially if she know how to do some things.

So today I will teach what a woman has to do if her family is going through hardship and she want to change things.

First of all, you must be in the same page with your husband and when I mean in the same page, I mean you must be at peace with your husband or there must be peace at your home.

A woman is the Neck that carries the head(Man)and whatever the neck want is what the head does.

All you need to do is to make up your mind that you need change and by midnight step out of your compound, go naked completely and carry the sand of the city you are at and speak out your intentions to the earth/firmament.

Tell the earth/firmament that you are standing as the neck that carries the head and as the help mate to clear road of success for your husband.

Do this process continuously for seven consecutively days with determination and changes will start coming your family way.


** This is for wife's not for girlfriend or those co habiting with a man.

** If you are the type that don't mind what people will say or not too religious, use three cotyledon kolanut for the prayer coupled with the sand.

** Make sure your husband is working hard and not the type that sits at home before doing this to push him to a better place.

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