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What Makes My Fiance Laughs in the middle of the night when she is on her system Changed Me.

 What Makes My Fiance Laughs in the middle of the night when she is on her system Changed Me.

My name is Samuel am 27 years old am a blogger and so is my 25 years old wife. We have been in this business for long far back as when we started dating.

We are not yet married but we are already planning towards it. We already own two cars but we still live in a rented apartment but very soon we will move into our very own house.

So recently, my wife has been making almost a double from what I make from blogging so this started causing confusion in me but I decided not to ask her about what she is up to because I don't what to be seen as an enemy of progress.

But last week my wife made 4 times of what I make from blogging so this fired up my confusion and I decided to ask her.

On a faithful day, I decided to ask I took her out for a nice treat and made known my request to her but she got angry and mad and started shouting at me that I don't what her blog to increase in online popularity so she could make more money from it.i felted guilty and apologized and she accepted me but I still wanted to find out what she did.

So on this faithful midnight, a started hearing my fiance laugh so hard from the parlour and I decided to check her out, guess what I found out?

She was busy doing a video call with one of the famous blogger in the USA. They were busy teaching and learning from each other about the topics they can post to generate more clicks and traffics on their website 

So this is what I found out about my fiance and when I also started applying this same method my blog changed and I became a millionaire in no time.

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