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Remember the police officer that had no shoes he is a legend.

Remember the police officer that had no shoes. 

Recently there was a Nigerian police officer that had no boot and he was always on duty in Lagos Nigeria, this police officer had the full outfits of a police officer but he had no boot take a look at his pictures below. 

Now take a very good look at that police officer is he not old enough for retirement, I mean this man is up to 50 years old and he is still serving his country, this police officer deserves to be celebrated for it is not easy to find a police officer who is 50 years old and he is still displaying his duty as a police officer. Please join me let us keep the good memory of this officer alive, this police officer should be a role model to any one who wants to join the Nigeria police force. One more time take a look at this police officer, he is a legend. 

Leave a comment below like and share with every police officer you know thank you for reading.  

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