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"How can you date without having your own car"- Lady Blast men who are dating without owning a car.

It's a universal truth that opinions no matter how opposing they are to your own personal views Should be respected. Sometimes people, just for the fun of it say somethings that probably do not add up, bit because it's a free world, their opinions are bound to be respected.

This is the case of this lady who have found it unnatural for guys to even think of dating or being in a relationship with a lady without having a car of their own. In her post which she made on Facebook and have since gone Viral, she said, "Guys that take their girlfriends out with Keke or Pepe, like how can you date without having your own car?"

This may not sit well with majority of guys who currently do not have a car of their own, and may decide to lash out on her but the point she was trying to pass across was how do they move around with their girlfriends if they don't have a personal car?

Reacting to this post, a man has this to say, "Contented but work hard to riches, means not allowing societal pressure force you into crime while doing your best.Normalize avoiding people who insist on Jeeps when you can only afford a Taxi. It's their taste but not your fault! Get a soul mate who's okay with a Taxi for now."

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