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Police should enter Rivers Government House and arrest the Ex NDDC boss for this reason [Opinion]

Following an arrest attempt by the Nigerian police, the current governor of rivers state went into the house of the former NDDC boss to rescue her, the governor entered her compound and later walk away with her, it was later heard that the governor has rescued her from the arrest.

What the Nigerian police suppose to do at this instant is to enter the government house and arrest her for this reason; We all know that nobody is above the law, whoever is being accused for one offence or the other should be charged accordingly. Now, the police should enter the how and arrest her, question her for what she is being arrested for and be detained if found guilty, otherwise be released.

if this happened, then justice is served and Nigerians will be proud that the armed forces are also trying their best in heir own part to curb out corruption from the country.

What is your view on this? Kindly express your opinion in the comment section below. Thank you

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