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They Are Not Criminals, They Did What The Government Failed To Do- Rano Drags The Nigeria Government

They Are Not Criminals, They Did What The Government Failed To Do- Rano Drags The Nigeria Government

It's no longer news to us about the ongoing protest which began over couple of weeks now. The protest has, however, revealed a lot of things to Nigerians as many never believe Nigerian youths could turn out in masses just to achieve a common goal #Endbadleaders. It began with a peaceful protest until it got high jacked by thugs, hoodlum and escalated to the point beyond the government control.

Many houses, hotels, ShopRite, police stations, cars, shops were destroyed and some even got burnt. Many innocent citizens also lost their lives. May their souls continue to rest in peace. Amen.

Just yesterday, about four or more warehouses where COVID 19 palliative where kept got invaded by Nigerians in more than three States

The COVID 19 palliative has been kept in the warehouse for over 5 months now, and some have even got spoilt. This got many Nigerians talking as they questioned the government for keeping the COVID 19 palliatives away from the citizens. The COVID 19 palliatives were supposed to be shared during the COVID 19 lockdown but yet it was not shared even though many Nigerian cried out for hunger and food as the lockdown was implemented.

However, Reno who is a Nigerian activist has dragged the Nigerian government for starving the nation. Rano tweeted “I don't support looting but the video of people sharing #COVID 19 palliatives they got from the government warehouse to the poor in their community is touching. They did what the comment failed to do. They are not criminals. The criminals are the government that hoarded them #EndSars.

To him, he said he does not support looting but it is unfortunate that the protest started early but was later highjacked by some unknown hoodlums which turn out to be violet, and many properties have been destroyed and stolen. This is what Reno kicked against. He added that the covid 19 palliatives were meant to be distributed but the Nigerian government has failed to distribute. He however concluded that the citizens have done the right thing by invading the were hours to get what belongs to the people since the government has failed to distribute them.

Thanks for your time.

What can you say about the COVID 19 Palliative? Do you think the government must have kept the COVID 19 Palliative for a reason?

Share your opinions below. Don't forget to share and licks. Thanks

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