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What One Thousand Naira Caused This Man To Do To His Friend

What can you do for Money? How far can you go because for Money? Some of you may be surprised by the question, but you shouldn't be. There are people in this world that can kill because of cash. We have people in this world who can go as far as killing or shedding blood because of money. We can't deny it because most of you must have come across it or even experienced it.

Well, that was the case of Kingsley Araino whose friend almost killed with a pump action Gun just because of 1000 Naira. Funny right? Well, i don't think so, because the victim, Mr Kingsley was badly injured and had to be rushed to the hospital to receive treatment at the Chukuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University Teaching Hospital. 

Haruna Mohammed, the spokesman for the state police said, the incident happened on 17/07/2020 around 11:45 am at Amawbia, Akwa south Local Government Area of Anambra state. He also said there was a misunderstanding between Kingsley Araino and Friday Asuquo which led to Mr Friday quickly rushing into the a church and brought out a Gun and used it to shoot the victim at his back.

isn't it funny that someone can go as far as shooting his friend because of a thousand naira. I'm quite aware that some people can be very provoking, who know maybe the victim was owing him and has refused to pay, which led to the misunderstanding and Mr Friday had to take drastic action.

But we can't call someone our friend if we are ready to end his life because of, not even a huge amount of money But because of a thousand naira. That is not what true friendship is all about. We need to know that true friendship shows especially when your friend pushes you to the limits. Someone of you need to check the kind of friends you keep, not all of them are true friends and know the best for you. 

May not even be your friend, maybe it's your family members, don't say it doesn't happen, we have heard of siblings and relatives going to war because of wealth and properties. Many even use their sibling for money rituals. Just like our holy books taught us, the love of money is the root of all evil. But only few people heed to this.

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