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Domestic violence: If you can't treat someone's child right then send her back to her parents.

Reactions poured in on microblogging media, twitter yesterday when pictures of a battered underage girl made its way to the social media platform via the handle of a user Harrison @harrisonmbamara.

According to Harrison, the woman, who is seen carrying her own child did this to her maid for going outside to play when she went out.

See reactions below;

It’s high time the employ of househelp under the legal age is abolished. Also if you want help, agency should be created where one apply, sign a contract and be ready to pay salaries. @nassnigeria kindly don’t seat on this one please.

This woman is possessed seriously , how can a woman in her right senses do this do a little girl , a woman that know how painful it is to give birth ... mbanu iha agbaro aka

If my potential wife does this to whoever that lives with her, she will certainly go back to her father's house.

I have said it repeatedly, if you can't treat someone's child right then send her back to his/her parents.

Supported!...but most importantly, please do not allow babies to be brought into your house in the name of being a maid.

If your wife has reservations about 17/18 et al being maids,then let her do without one.

Pls continue to report your neighbors who abuse children who live with them because they are not their biological children. Churches and mosque must start to speak against this. Since most of us in this country are religious.

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