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Five (5) Tips To Help You Guard Against ATM Fraud

Many times we fall victims of fraudsters. But the truth is, we overlook, certain instructions that would ordinarily have safe us from their tactics. Verily, we live in very difficult times characterized with hardship. Getting money is somewhat difficult, and losing it is painful, worst still to fraudsters. Using the ATM isn't risk free. It poses a lot of risk and potential danger to the user. Risk of losing your money to unscrupulous elements.

This article will focus on simple tips for anyone who has a bank account, and uses an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) to either deposit or withdraw money.

Below are safety tips for ATM users, these tips will guard you against losing your hard earn money of thieves.

1. "Shine your eyes when using the ATM". Be wary of those who offer to help you out when you encounter the slightest difficulty. Not everyone who offers to help has good intentions. Some are fraudsters, waiting for the perfect opportunity to swap your cards and spy on your personal pin code.

2. Be very vigilant while at any place to use the ATM, not minding the hour or time, but mostly at night. If you suspect any foul play or become uncomfortable, quickly end your transaction and leave the area, to another safer location.

3. It is ideal you learn how to operate the ATM yourself, this will save you from the temptations of asking strangers for help. But should in case you are in dire need of help, seek help from the designated security personnel of the bank. It is safer than seeking for help from strangers.

4. Never give our ATM card to anyone, people can be funny and only a few can be trusted. Most times, we don't know who to trust. It is safer if you operate the ATM using your card by yourself. Let me tell you a true life story that happened to a neighbour of mine here in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. This woman had a nephew living with her. And because he was nephew, she trusted him enough to send him on an errand to the nearby ATM on a beautiful Saturday morning. She needed just ten thousand to stock up the house with perishable food items. She gave her nephew her ATM card, and told him the pin of course. The rest became history. Thank God for debit alert. She just started receiving multiple alerts one after the other until the money she had in her account was wiped off completely. As her nephew withdrew, she gets a message through her phone. At that time, there was no handy intervention. Although, the culprit could not hide for long, he was caught lavishing proceeds of his atrocities in the village. Better to be proactive than sorry, that is the simple message of this story.

5. While entering your pin, be sure you cover the keypad in order to avoid people copying your pin or even having a glimpse of it.

Finally, if you have heard stories of ATM fraud, you will know they happen very swiftly. In a twinkle of an eye and with the slightest mistake, your life savings will vanish. Many have fallen victims, and you will fall victim if you do not adhere to this simple precautionary measures. It's good you play safe with your money. Remember, never share your bank details like pin code, passwords and Bank Verification Number with anyone.

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Content created and supplied by: Shinazhin (via Opera News )

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