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Should Rapist be Given Capital Punishment?

Rape in Nigeria is presently at the crescendo. There are reports of rape at almost every nook and cranny of the country.

It's not fallacious to write that 99.9% of rape victims are women. So women, young girls and female toddlers are always at the receiving end of rape.

One would then ask why the issue of rape is increasing every now and then. Is it that the society is indifferent to rape? Or is our laws rape friendly? Why do people rape? Is the society not directly or indirectly encouraging rape?

We can go on and ask hundreds of questions on the reason why rape seems to be increasing daily but this article will only address some of this questions?

Why do people rape?

1. The reason why most rapist engage in what they do might not be far fetched from drug abused.

Drug abuse should have been another topic to discuss on its own but it would rather be discussed briefly here. Drugs have a high tendency of distorting people's personality, thinking - ability and can force one to see female as mare sex object.

When someone abused a drug he/she sees everything he/she does as the right thing. Hence, drug can push someone to rape.

Drugs that have influenced people to rape range from Marijuana, codeine, cocaine, Tramadol etc. So, there's a need to avoid all these hard drugs so as not to commit.

2. Money Ritual: Some people also rape underaged and sexual minors because of the ritual they needed to perform.

Having carnal knowledge of 2 years, 3years, 4 years female babies is now on the rise. And one can't but asked why or what pleasure these set of people derived from raping of sexual minors.

Some of the rapists in this category when caught have confessed that their actions were ritual motivated.

3. Incontrollable sexual urge

Another reason why people rape is their inability to control their sexual urge. When they see a woman or lady that's is beautifully dressed, they are immediately aroused and they want to mate with the said woman or girl immediately.

People in these category can trail or lure such woman or girl to a secrete location and rape them.

This is why it is pertinent to review and revisit Nigeria's anti rape law. Something should serve as deterrent to future rapists because the Nigeria present anti-rape law seems to be rape friendly.

Some feminists have come forward to recommend punishments for rapists which are:

1.Chopping off of penis

2. Life imprisonment

3. Capital Punishment (death penalty)

4. Chopping off of the two hands etc.

But the big question to ask is, if rapists are given capital punishment what should be the punishment of female or people with false rape allegations? Should they receive capital punishment as well?

Chats with rape survivors show that there seems not to be a safe haven for women. Not the church, mosque or anywhere.

There are allegations of rape in the church, mosque, music industry, Nollywood, house of assembly and everywhere in Nigeria.

Parents also have to be vigilant. They shouldn't trust their girls with anybody because rapist does not go about saying he's a rapist. It's not written on the forehead.

That someone is a pastor, teacher, mentor, imam, chairman, senator doesn't mean he cannot rape.

Some of the mentioned category of people above have been alleged of rape overtime. And they've in one way or the other used their position to influence justice.

Capital punishment thus seems to be the only way to reduce the ever rising rape issue.

Thus, do you support capital punishment for rape?

Should capital punishment be applicable to those with false rape allegations?

Let's hear your view

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