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Covid'19: You Will Pity This Boy If You See The Photos Of How He Was Beaten By Soldiers - See Photos

With the current hardship facing the country citizens, law enforcement groups are making things worst for the citizens with the beating and molestation of some people this shows that the men in uniform are of now help than to make life a living hell for the citizens.

Yesterday this incidence took place in Ekiti States, Ikole precisely after some group of soldiers roughly handled a particular boy who pleaded not guilty of the reason why he was beaten to that extent.

This is highly condemnable and dehumanizing! 

In the rule of the lockdown, anyone can walk out to get food!

These boys from Ikole Local were not on motorcycle, they were going on their own!

I wonder why this irrational abuse of human right should subsist in our society, it is shameful and disappointing! 

While we shall take this up, I want to appeal to our youths to be law abiding because this in itself is provocative and can lead to engaging the security agents, but please do not do that, the Governor of Ekiti State and Leaders from the LG shall take this up. 

An injury to one is injury to all! 

It is important to enlighten some overzealous men in uniform, please carefully read the rules of engagement and rules guiding the lockdown, here is not an animal farm!

This molestation has to stop beacause it getting too much and out of control as many public officers use their uniform as an opportunity to negatively exploit the citizens.


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