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Video: As Some Yahoo Boys Seen Defiling The House Of God By Splashing Money On The Face Of Pastor

A few young men have been seen on record to have been doing the incomprehensible. They are seen showering cash and tossing cash on God and the dad in the congregation. 

As per report,this happened some place in Delta state yesterday. Some gathering of young men are seen on the special stepped area debasing the congregation. With report,they probably been a yahoo young men. They came to chapel and keeping in mind that tunes were going on,they got to the front and began tossing cash. 

They didn't just toss cash at the dad of the congregation yet in addition tossed the cash at God. Pretty much, hitting the substance of God with the cash. 

This is thoroughly off-base. Showering the cash all alone is off-base. Not to discuss where they are doing it. In the family unit of God,it's absolutely unsatisfactory. I wonder why the dad isn't busy. 

Watch the video here. .

I confide in our EFCC, they like cases this way. They'll without a doubt take it up.

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