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Opinion: Make This Man The AIG of Police


The is a hilarious call by the lovers of Yoruba movies to Mr President Muhammad Buhari to named Owolabi Ajasa as AIG of Police.


He is going to REFORM POLICE.

He doesn't a bribe

He doesn't harass citizens 

He doesn't like BRUTALITY .

Any Yoruba movies fan can testify to this.

Owolabi Ajasa is popular for his role as a policeman in Yoruba movies.

However in an online interview with Owolabi Ajasa, he was asked

Are you a strict person in real life?

Him: Yes, I am. I don’t take nonsense. I don’t condone bad behaviour. Even people who live around me are aware. I am strict in a positive way.

Interviewer: When people see you on the road, do they tease you about being a police man?

Him: Yes, they always call me a police­man. Even when I am outside the country, they tease me about it.

Interviewer: People always wonder if you have any background in policing.

Him: No, I don’t have any of such.

Interviewer: Have you ever thought of being a police man?

Him: No

So we will still need to get across to him if he will to assume the post of AIG😃😄

But in actual sense, in other to reform the Police force and external person who has not been rotten with the system should be brought in, example is when Nelson Mandela of South Africa bring in a Chemistry expert to be the Chief of the Police bureau then and we all witness the positive change.

You can submit your opinion in the comments section as what its need in regards to Nigeria Police Force.

Content created and supplied by: Abiade (via Opera News )

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