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Why Nigeria had a high number of rape case during the lockdown period(opinion)

The reason why Nigeria have a high number of rape cases

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Due to the corona virus pandemic, the federal government of Nigeria imposed a lockdown in it's citizens.

As we all know that during the lockdown many rape cases were recorded and even some of it's victims were not only raped but also murdered.

Nigeria recorded up to a thousand cases Nationwide.

The question here is what is the reason and cause of this?

There are many reasons why people may think of rape.


Due to inadequate security in the country Nigerians tend to use the slightest opportunities they get to commit evil/crime


We in a country where it is very normal for people to bribe each other including those in the security department/offices. In Nigeria people break the rules and bribe the people around even police officers so as to go Scott free.


this is the brother to bribery and it has eating the country to nothing. Nigeria is one of the countries with a high number of corrupt citizens. Some ladies do not dress responsible and thereby attracting men with dirty minds to themes.

4.The Law:

The law seems to take it easy with rapists; for example, I don't think that rapist should just sentenced to jail. My opinion here is that the law should be made that any man that rapes or sexually assault a woman should be killed in a painful way(by death,firearm or any other way).

5.Psychological issues:

Some men/women battle with psychological issues/problems which leads them into the evil act of rape,some were raised with the freedom of masturbation and pornography viewing thereby making them think its the right way of life but this issue can be solved and the solution is very clear.

My opinion is that government should include rape as a major topic in school curriculums from the primary to university level and gover should encourage the people to always visit a psychiatric whenever they have psychological issues or traumas.


In a nutshell I am a man and my advise to everyman out there is to be the best they can by avoiding anything that will lead them into this dangerous and evil acts because any man that rapes is not a man but an animal.

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