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Lessons Nigerians Should Learn From Man Who Beheaded His Friend Because of N13million

Wonder shall never end and will never end in this world today. What a world we find our self where those that are supposed to be trusted are no longer worthy of being trusted. You cannot know the mi9nd of a man and this has made the heart of man to be evil. Life has up and downs, the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer. As the day goes by, the evil act of men in our society increases, nobody is now safe but I know that in all God knows the best and I pray that no wicked will go unpunished.

News broke the internet some hours ago which has really caused a lot of reactions online. With this I have concluded that there is nothing like best friend. A boy who was identified as Moses has been apprehended by the Nigerian police for murdering his friend who was also identified as Abuchi Wisdom Nwachukwu, after he realized that his friend has about N13million in his account. The money was sent to hiom in order for him to complete a project but unknown to him that his friend had other plans and his friend beheaded him.

This news really broke my heart because I never expected such. Friends are supposed to be people who will rejoice with you when this are ok, they are supposed to be people who will console you in time of pain and not to add pain to your life, but today reverse is the case. We can no longer put trust in people who we call our friend any longer because of the different happenings in our nation Nigeria. I think the only person who is worthy to receive your trust is yourself and no one else. There are man lessons to learn for this incident and of which I will be bringing to you as we continue. I pray that this article will open the eyes of many and also correct some things in our society.

Lessons to learn from this incident that just Occurred:

Talk less: it is high time we know that one of the major things putting most of us in problem is the way we talk. We talk and sometimes expose what is supposed to be kept as secret. This applies both to the boys and the girls also. One major thing that has landed people into trouble in our society is their words. It is high time we all mind the way we talk. There is a saying that the world has ears and can hear. I am sure that one of the means at which Moses heard that Abuchi had the sum of N13million in his account was through communication. No matter how you trust a man they are some information’s you should not let pout to him neither anyone. A man without secret will one day fall in the trap set by his enemies because they have all known his in and out. I pray that God will help us all to control our mouth in our society in Jesus name.

Trust no One: like I said earlier, trust no one. The only person on earth that you should give you whole trust to is yourself and no one else. We have seen countless times whereby wife betray or kill her husband, we have also seen different cases whereby children kill parents. In life nobody should be worthy of your trust, make your trust very expensive. The only one who has not failed is God and if you are to trust and apart from yourself let it be him. Your family can fail you but God will never fail you.

A word is enough for the wise. I will just live these two lessons for you all. The first one is the most important one and I will advise you not to take it for granted. I will advise you all to be very careful and I pray that God will keep you far from evil in Jesus name.

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