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How hackers made away with more than 7 million dollars in less than 30 minutes

Some people are really gifted. One would assume making money is really easy, even in the face of the ongoing pandemic. Why the world suffers, trying to get back to normalcy, some set of people took advantage k the situation to enrich themselves, though, illegally.

The code is, money must be made either by hook, by crook or by book and, if education and connection do not make you money in this stance, one frustration can lead one to go the other route, the crooked way.

The story which trended just recently about hackers decimating the world leaders twitter accounts is one of kind and, one that has never been seen before. Unfortunately, the vulnerable and gullible ones are those who fell for it.

How can one fall victim to such clear fraud? It is only greed that has the ability to expose to be victimised in such manner and in this kind of game, one can only lose for the other fellow to gain.

How can you begin to trace these hackers, how many people could come out and agree that they were hacked and not be seen as ones led by greed?

Don't forget, these hackers made use of the bitcoin and the scam was well executed.

Now tell me, who's gonna trace them? This is not such a case like Hushpuppi's or other fraudulent cases that easily get nabbed by the EFCC, this is a masterpiece, a high-class flimflam carefully perpetrated with ease.

The truth is, the hackers may have had many months of sleepless nights, trying to finetune their ploy, no one the execution was well structured and in less than 30 mins, they made over 7 million dollars.

My brother, sorry to spoil your joy, if you had such knowledge, am sure you will d exactly the same thing

Hacking tweeter is no child's play, these deserve some accolades.

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