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10 Reasons that forced her to break up with you

Heart attack we all went through it somehow. It is no stranger to our ways of love. Millions of songs have been written about him, films portraying him as a protracted ghost. Men and women throw each other when their relationship can not work. However, besides everything, there are no good or bad people in a divorce, just two people who were not working. It is imperative to consider when discussing possible reasons why women leave men.

Yes, the first thing that comes to mind here is: Wait, women cheat men too. There is always more to the eye. Sometimes women have to be blamed; other times men. There is only so much that we can blame others. We all do things we probably do not always know why, but there is always a reason. When one partner throws the other, no one should be to blame alone, both play equal roles. It just depends on the angle from which you look at the situation.

The purpose here is not to attack men, but to understand the reasons women do for what they do. Women tend to deal with a relationship in a subjective way. Because of their unpredictability, their reasons for rejecting their partner often go unnoticed. So let’s single out a few.

1. Where has Faith gone?

Needless to say, trust is the backbone of a healthy relationship. If the wife thinks that her male partner is cheating, is not keeping her promises, or is claiming to lose the trust card for his wife, who sees no choice but to throw it away.

2. Being a control attack, such a closure

The more you hurt a bird, the more it will try to escape. Women themselves are no less a bird. When men act too controlling in a relationship, women feel claustrophobic, as if they lack self-esteem. This forces them to throw the man almost immediately when they feel their arms are breaking.

Some men do it unconsciously, however it is a great return for women. Many requests from their female partners also lead to fractures. After all, everyone has their limits. Why not women.

3. Financial misery

When men force their female partners to give up their income, they become crippled in their independence. It makes them a victim of the infamous "self-inferiority" complex, not something they can hide for a long time, so they just remove it.

4. Sexual dominance

When men sexually dominate women, they jump. After all, sexual independence is as important as social and cultural independence, perhaps even more so.

5. Ego

Despite their very different nature, the ego element destroys most men, if not all relationships with women. That ego becomes the cause of silence between couples and thus more misunderstandings. It will disappear before you know it.

6. Non-compliance

He is just as arrogant, many women say before divorcing their husbands. General disrespect and flagrante delicto in men cause them to lose important points in women, which are valued as much as men.

Some men do it naturally without a cruel purpose. However, after the match is played, they lose points.

7. Do not be a closed book

Being too reserved makes women leave men instantly. Only a few are patient enough to stand around and push the pages of a closed book that is men. Because of their reserved nature, men may be difficult to understand and not all women as a challenge; some would like her husband to tell her things directly, without having to take them from her male partner. When men are locked in their harness, women may begin to see it as a sign that men are not interested in them. As a result, women walk through the door without asking questions.

It does not mean that men are really careless, but only that women like to be told things clearly and directly. It would be better to just talk about things, instead of forcing them to leave your partner all the time. Obviously being a closed book is intriguing. It can also be tedious at times. Women like it when their male partner expresses raw emotions.

8. I do not need your support

According to custom, men have grown up believing that they are the breadwinners of the house; they should be the wall for their wives in a lasting bond. On the other hand, women give birth to caregivers. When men push women away while giving men a safe emotional platform, they certainly feel that women feel unwanted.

9. Many rules

A set of rules and regulations set by men makes women consider them very conservative, making it an inevitable reason for women to cast men.

10. stubbornness

Contempt for the ideas of the women present gives a negative impression of the men in the couple. A wife is more likely to dump her husband if this happens.

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