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Confession of a cultist: 19 year old lady slept with 10 men to complete cult initiation

Blessing David, a 19-year-old girl from Benin City, confessed on Thursday July 16 that she had sex with 10 men during her initiation at a cult group of girls called the marine Girls. 

   State police commissioner Edo Johnson paraded her alongside another teenager Ada Emeka, who also went through the same initiation process into the group.

   Blessing David was initiated into the group by which sleeping with 10 completed her initiation process last year

   Ada Emeka, who was initiated along with some other girls, said that working with men is about the basic initiation process and that without it the process would not be complete.

   The police commissioner said he was very sad to see the girls today. He warns parents to take care of the children there and to find out about the kind of friends they keep.

   The police commissioner also advised all men to be careful not to fall prey to the victims in these situations.

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