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End time- Reactions as two infants were disposed in a filthy bin container

Two infants were found in a filthy bin-container in a state in Nigeria.

Sometimes I took my time to think about the recent happening in the world. Having ruminated about these shocking happenings, I would asked myself, 'has end time arrived already?'. This question keep etching in my mind because day by day things are getting worse and bad occurrences are prevailing in our society.

Those acts that are known to be immoral and unacceptable has now became the order of the day in our society. Rape cases, murder, kidnapping etc. There are many horrible occurrences that has prevailed our society.

Around the word people are killing other human for money, fathers do slept with their daughter, mothers do sell their child for money etc.

It was stipulated in the scriptures, Quran and Bible that when the end time has arrived or it is around the corner, there would be disorderliness on earth. Things will not be in order, countries would wage war at one another and the unprecedented horrible occurrences will became prevalent in the earth.

However, it is undisputed that those signs as specified in the scriptures have evolved in our society. It is glaringly noticeable that the world is becoming shady, gone are those days when moral act were applauded and immoral act are severely rebuked. Nowadays, those immoral act has became favourite wears that will put on and work around the street freely.

Today, I saw very shocking picture of two infants on Facebook social media. This infants were disposed in a filthy bin. Can you imagine? There are some people praying day and night for this blessing. While some people were given and think the best thing to do is to dispose them in a bin-box. What a wicked world!

The incident happened in the city of cross river, Calabar. It was reported by a Facebook user.

He stated, "THE WORLD IS GRADUALLY ENDING.It happened this morning in the city of Cross River State #Calabar. it's an unpleasant News".

What a wicked world! These innocent babies were abandoned in a filthy bin container. It happened in the city of cross river state today, July 18, 2020. Perhaps the babies are twin. It was suspected that there mother might have abandoned them in the bin container. The infants, due to the pressure and the condition not the area where they were being abandoned have died.

Babies are blessing from God and we ought to take proper care of them. We ought to give them utmost care and raise them well.

What might have led to this inhumane act by the mother of the babies? Is it lack of money to cater for them or she is wicked. Anyone you think it is, kindly drop it in the comment section below.

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