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#JusticeForIzu: See Photos And More Reactions Of People As Young Man Kills Himself

A young Nigerian by the name Izu has allegedly committed suicide after he was accused of rape on social media platform. He had tried to reach out to the Twitter influencer who added his name to the list of rape offenders, in order to absolve himself of the accusation.

JusticeForIzu is currently trending on Twitter as a result of the sad incidence. The Twitter influencer in question is a certain Nanichi Anese who had published his name in a list she had compiled on rape offenders.

The move by Nani had reportedly affected Izu's business and source of livelihood as a fashion designer and creative director as he was labelled a rapist.

In order to prove his innocence, Izu at the time released screenshots of conversations between himself and the alleged victim which clearly showed that no act of rape occurred. Rather, it turned out that @yattedneko only accused Izu of rape to spite him for rejecting her advances to initiate a relationship.

See people's reactions to the sad incidence:

May his soul rest in peace.

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