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I went on a business trip, only to come back and see my wife doing this (Fiction).

My name is David Ojo. I come from Edo State. For a while now, I've been in a relationship with this beautiful girl. She was so perfect at first, and she seemed to be just the girl for me. After dating each other for two years, we decided to get married. It was an exciting event celebrated with friends and family.

After the first year of marriage, she started showing some acts of hatred. She would not allow me to go out with friends, and if I go out, she starts bombarding me with questions. On a particular day, I told her I was going to be away for a business trip. On my way, I realized that I had forgotten my wallet at home. When I went home, my wallet was on the table. When I picked it up and was about going out, I heard a mumbling voice. It was coming from our room. When I went up, I peeped through the door, and saw my wife. In the table were candles, a pot, pictures of me, and a small figurine made of wood. She said she knew I was lying, and that wherever I was, this charm would follow me. Just as she about to blow some powder of her hand, and rushed into the room and pushed her down. Holding her down, I called the police. Right now, she is in police custody. Should I still be her husband? Please, what should I do?

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