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How My Husband And His Mom Fooled Me By Bringing Another Woman Into Our Home As His Cousin (FICTION)

How My Husband And His Mom Fooled Me By Bringing Another Woman Into Our Home As His Cousin

With an heavy heart, I’m narrating this unbearable wickedness melted out on me by my husband and mother in-law.

It is only an heartless husband that would take advantage of his vulnerable and defenceless wife to cause her pain.

My husband and I have been married for five years. He is the only son of his parents, although his father was late. My husband’s mother was not in support of our marriage from the onset.

After marriage, she was always interfering in our lives and my husband didn’t see anything wrong about it whenever I complained to him. I had to let it slide to avoid quarrel between us.

A year into our marriage, I got pregnant. I was so happy about it. My husband informed his mom but she wasn’t too glad about it. I wasn’t bothered either because I knew she wasn’t in support of us.

Seven months into my pregnancy, I was returning from the market one day when the bus I boarded had a terrible accident. I instantly lost consciousness, only to wake up two days later in the hospital.

The doctor informed us that due to the impact of the accident, we lost the pregnancy and the baby died in my womb. They had to remove it to save my life. As if that news wasn’t bad enough, the doctor told us that there were serious complications in that process and that I might be unable to conceive another child in the future.

I cried uncontrollably and my eyes were red. My husband tried in futility to console me. I couldn’t comprehend why such calamity would befall me at an early age of my life and marriage.

Few days later, I was discharged from the hospital and my husband took me home. I lost the usual smiles I had and was always brooding indoor over my predicament.

My mother in-law came visiting afterwards and for the first time, she showed concern and pity for me. I begged my husband not to tell his mom about my possible future inability to conceive another baby.

Months turned into a year, two years went by and I was unable to conceive. I sought help from different hospitals and herbal homes, all to no avail. I drank all sort of concoctions, zealously adhered to instructions from different doctors but I was still unable to get pregnant. 

It then dawned on me that I had become barren all of a sudden due to the accident. All I had left was to trust in God for revival of my womb.

To make matter worse, my husband’s mother didn’t give me a breathing space. She constantly demanded to know why I was unable to give her grandchildren after I lost my seven months pregnancy 4 years ago. 

I couldn’t bring myself to tell her about it. I thought it was best for me if the secret remained between me and my husband. I was wrong because unknown to me, my husband had already told her about it.

All of a sudden, my mother in-law attitude changed. She became more receptive and caring towards me. At first, I was sceptical about her sudden change but later I gave her the benefit of doubt. Little did I know that she and her son were playing me for a fool.

About a month and 2 weeks later, my husband called me to discuss an issue with me. He told me that his 23 years old cousin from his dad’s side lost her parents and needed a place to stay away from the village. He told me that his mom pleaded with him to let her stay at our place pending when she was able to secure a job and rent an apartment.

I told my husband that I didn’t like the idea but after my mother in-law intervened, I reluctantly accepted. That was how my husband’s supposed cousin, Kate came to live with us.

Kate was industrious. She helped with the house works and assisted me at the shop. At a point, all my fears about her evaporated. I took out my belongings from the store room, cleaned it, bought an extra mattress and handed the key to Kate because I felt she deserved her own room and privacy.

My husband was very fond of her. My mother in-law constantly come over to our place to check up on her. I was feeling uncomfortable about it but I waved off the feeling of jealousy and let Kate enjoy her moments.

Six months later, I started observing the sluggishness in my supposed husband’s cousin. I wandered what was wrong with her. She was looking pale and sleepy all the time. I was worried and told my husband about it. My husband promised to take her to the hospital the following day on his way to work for check up.

The following day, my husband and Kate left for the hospital while I went to the shop. Four hours later, Kate was yet to join me at the shop. I became worried and called her number but she wasn’t answering. I called my husband too but his phone was switched off.

3 hours later when I didn’t hear from both of them, I closed the shop and dashed home in fright. I got home and saw my husband’s car packed outside the compound and my fear grew worse.

I immediately rushed into the house and saw my husband, his mom and Kate seated in the parlour. I was dumbfounded and demanded to know what was going on. My mother in-law asked me to take a seat and I did.

My gaze went from my husband to Kate and then to his mom. I could feel the guilt on their faces but I wasn’t sure of what they did wrong. After few seconds of silence, my mother in-law opened up.

She confessed that she knew that I would be unable to give birth to another child and that she had to look for another way to give her son children. She further stated that she planned with her son to bring another woman home pretending to be his cousin. She said that Kate was my husband second wife and that she was 2 months pregnant.

I slumped to the floor at the news. How could mother and son play me in such a manner? How could my husband impregnate another woman in our home without my Knowledge. I have been betrayed and made a fool.

Right now, all I want is vengeance. I want to pay them back where it will hurt but I don’t know how to go about it. Please advice.

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