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Are You Grateful For Seeing The Last Month Of The Year? See Tough Things That Have Happened In 2020

ItA You Grateful For Seeing The Last Month Of The Year? See Tough Things That Have Happened In 2020 

Today make it to the first day in December the last don'th in 2020 is a great privilege.

To me, every living soul who is privileged to see the last month of 2020 deserved to be praising God immensely.

God has been so good to all the Nigerians, in this year alone there are so many tough things that happened, although apart from Nigeria many other countries know that 2020 is a very tough year, yet we are still living, glory be to God.

I want you to know that what we all pass-through from January to this period is too tough to the extent that many Nigerians believe they will not be alive by now.

In January, the global pandemic had been claiming lives in some countries like China, Italy, the USA, and some other countries, but Nigeria experience it's first encounter on the 27th of February in Lagos state, and the 9th of March at Ewekoro in Ogun state, this made the Nigerian government to take the pandemic case seriously.

The Nigerian government was still deliberating on how to control the pandemic when explosions rocked the Abule-Ado community destroying 23 lives and properties.

The people who died in the explosions include a couple and the principal of Bethlehem Girls college.

When the Nigerian government notices the rapid escalation of the coronavirus, a national lockdown of the nation was announced on the 29th of March, to curtail the spread of the disease.

The national lockdown later resulted in an outcry of the Nigerians especially the youths who were clamoring for palliatives to be shared within the citizens.

What follows afterward was, looting of shops, stalls, and warehouses at different places in Ogun state and Lagos state.

The youths and some cultists, were on the prowl to loot any available shops, and that later results in pandemoniums in the towns, police were seen chasing the cultists in broad daylight, many of the cultists know as "One million boys " were captured, tortured and murdered in several places in Lagos and Ogun states.

These happened mostly in the South-Western part of Nigeria, while other states like Edo, Delta, Anambra, Rivers, and Plateau witnessed extrajudicial killings.

All these horrible experiences aided the spread of the virus, and Nigerians began to die due to the spread of the disease.

After the one million boys were attacked in various places, the city began to calm down and the Nigerian government announced the cancellation of the national down on 21st of June, 2020.

However, what follows the cancellation of the nationwide lockdown was overwhelming.

On the 23rd of September, the community of Felele in Kogi state encountered tanker explosions claiming lives and properties. A day later, the community of Iju-Ishaga bears it all as souls were lost in another explosion. Two weeks interval was the Baruwa gas plant explosion, that claimed lives and property.

And the last straw that breaks the thecamelbackck, was the killings of the Nigerian youths protesters at Lekki tollgate, where some unidentified soldiers killed the youths.

All these dreaded happenings are what inculcated the write-up of this article. 

Let us ask ourselves, are we not worthy of praising God's names?

Who prevented you and me from the deadly odds?

Today, is the first day in December, as you've seen today, I pray for you, you shall see the end of the year.

And I also pray God will give the families who lost loved ones in the odds, the fortitude to bear the loss.

Have you seen why you should be grateful for seeing the year?

Thus what will you say to God for his protection over you and your family?

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