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This Is What Kills You Whenever You Are Shot By A Gun, It Is Not The Bullet That Kills.

A bullet is usually a metal, shot from a gun at high speed. Most bullet which are made of metals are made of lead.

Most people have this understanding that whenever someone is shot by gun, it is the bullet that kills that person, No that understanding is totally wrong it is not the bullet that kills someone when that person is shot. So therefore in this article i will be bringing to your notice what kills someone whenever he or she is shot by a gun.

Let me start by telling you that an ordinary Bullet cannot kill because it is just a piece of metal. But inside a bullet contains dangerous and toxic chemicals like lead, when you are been shot this dangerous and toxic chemicals mix with your blood to make your blood poisonous and thereby leading to quick and instant death.

Normally the human blood is oxygenated which means it contains oxygen,but when you are shot with a bullet that contains this dangerous and toxic chemicals like lead, the dangerous and toxic chemicals reduces the oxygen content in your blood, making your blood deoxygenated, and when someone's blood is deoxygenated meaning it lacks oxygen it is very impossible for that individual to live. So in a nutshell it is the dangerous and toxic chemicals like lead in the bullet that kills not the bullet.

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