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Mother Uses Her Last Breathe To Save Her Baby Daughter: Can A Mother Still Do This?LEARN FROM THIS!

When it comes to parental love, the love of the mother to a child is eternal and unbroken this is why you should never hate your mother.

Can this happen in Nigeria? If you're a Nigerian mom, this tragic story is for you. And also, to all ladies out there, I mean those who are carried away by relationship, try and read this to know what it really means to become a mother, that is if you're interested in becoming one, not all the time "boyfriend", so read this story and see what it entails to become a mother.

Jessica Arrendale is a very young mother. she is a mother to a six months old baby. She is a young mother filled with zeal and charisma to be a wonderful mum are hope for the wonderful future of her six months old baby. She was a very proud mother of a cute baby girl who was the apple of her eyes.

She was very happy with her daughter without having any idea of what is about to happen on her way.

Sadly, Jessica had an unhealthy and toxic relationship. She is experienced abuses and assualts which rose up to a disastrous level one evening.

Unfortunately, her boyfriend was furious and began to assault and abuse her physically. Her neighbour contacted the authorities after hearing gunshots. The authorities went to the rescue of the situation.

In a standoff, the authorities and the so-called boyfriend of hers went back and forth for over 12 hours before entering the home. Jessica was discovered with wounds from the bat and a bullet in her head. She was hung over a toilet in the bethroom. The boyfriend killed himself after taking Jessica's Life away.

The police discovered that Jessica was protecting her baby who she placed inside. This was done after the police discovered the two bodies. Jessica was using her body and the toilet to protect her little girl as best as she could.

Jessica's mum in sorrow, shared her horrible thoughts about the ordeal of her daughter. Her name is Teresa Arrendale.

She is indeed a great mother. “She was the heroine because she used her last breath to saving the child.” Just look at this beautiful lady. She doesn't deserve to die and be wasted like that. I know that many Nigerians would rain curses on her so called boyfriend. Some would say that his soul will definitely go to hell and that the soul of the beautiful heroin would end in heaven including the Innocent girl.

Finally, this issue of relationship is getting out of hand. I believe they brought this little Innocent girl into this world and within six months, they lost her away out of this world. If you are not mature enough to start a relationship, just be patient and develop good characters first. "A word is enough for the wise"

I believe this article has become an insight to all mothers out there and to those planning or on their way to become one. At least you've known that:



The amazing love of a parent is shown in so many different ways. A reminder of God’s loves for us as our Heavenly Father.



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