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Camera Caught Thief Snatching Lady's Bag In Front Of A Shopping Mall (video)

Robbery has been a major concern in every part of the world. Most people see robbery/stealing as a way to survived and make ends meet not minding who is affected at the end of the day.

Most of the robbery cases today started with pick pocket, bag snatching, traffic robbery and others just to mention a few.

These bag snatcher can be very deceitful and calculative when it comes snatching the property of their Vitim.

It is recommended that valuable properties be kept properly to avoid it being snatched.

A bag Snatcher was caught on the camera of a shopping mall stealing the bag of a lady as she falls on the ground.

The thief had earlier walked into the mall to pin his target, on the lady's way out of the mall, the thief came quietly walked towards her from behind and dragged the bag from her with force which triggered her falling.

The bag snatcher ran as much as his legs can carry him, and he got to the front of the shopping mall were another bike came to pick him up.


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