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Why Do Men Rape?; Psychological Factors Revealed.

The situation of rape in Nigeria has been on the rise these past few months, and the police have recorded over 717 rape cases in Nigeria within the months of January and May only. Yes, this is excluding June, and the unfinished month of July.

And while we are in a bid to compensate with rape victims, throwing protests on social media, a very important question has completely eluded us which is; “Why Do People Rape?”

Yes; Why Rape? And why do people find the need to rape?

It’s best we know that both men and women do rape, but due to the incessant rise of male rapists in Nigeria which has outgrown women rapist trend by a whopping 95%, I’m going to rephrase this question and ask…

Why Do Men Rape?

Tick Tock, a ticking time bomb will go off now. Note that this article is meant to be more expository than accusatory which is why I will tell you the psychological male behavior that leads to rape tendencies.

A. THE NEED TO DOMINATE: I will start with the words of feminist writer Susan Brownmill in 1975 which says, “that rape is not motivated by lust, but the need to dominate.”

This has led to controversial opinions around the globe, and of course, many disagreement on her words. In fact, it has raised the question, “Does it mean that rape is not sex-driven?” I mean, Brownmill saying that rape is more of the need of men to control and dominate rules out the popular belief that rape is all about sex.

Well, I will explain as briefly and clearly as I can. Men’s need to control and dominate can be associated to a pack of wolves where only one male can be the alpha and leader of the pack.

Of course, this alpha gets the best female in the pack by virtue of his statue in the territory. Most men are alpha male, and they love to take the best for themselves. But in a situation such man doesn’t have the means to lure that one girl to themselves, they you’ve it, force comes in. The man's alpha side sees the need to prove to the woman that he has the upper hand. His territory. This type of rape has been called the power assertive rape, because here, the man is taking forcefully with the hope that the woman will later enjoy the sex and then warm up to him.

But so unfortunately, it’s not usually the case but rather, has left the victim falling into depression and trauma.

B. REVENGE: It might sound funny and twisted, but people do rape to seek revenge for a wrong. It’s normally called the sadistic rape and usually occurs between married couples.

Wife forgets to cook exact food husband wants. Husband gets home, realizes that and gets angry with wife. And yup, he takes out his anger on wife through the act of violent sex. That’s him exerting revenge for not having his desired food.

Sadistic rape also occurs during robbery operations, where the victim of the robbery doesn’t have much to give to the robber. The robber rapes the victim as a means of compensating himself for his robbery-operation-gone wrong. Twisted Right? I know. 

And the last but not the least,

C. SEX-VILOENCE CONNECTION: According to psychologist Noam Spahncer, he said the reason why men rape is simply because they can. Sphencer explained further that physically, nature was unfair to women as men were bigger and stronger.

One thing he said really struck me as true and inarguably and I quote, “Psychologically, sex contains violent undertones and vice versa. The link reveals itself both in the language we use to describe sex—conquest, surrender—and in how our words for sex commonly serve double duty as aggressive insults.”

A very good example of the above is the common swear word adapted from America: f**k you. So you see, the link is something that cannot be escaped, but doesn’t mean it cannot be prevented. 

The sex-violence connection has been a matter of concern around the globe, and of course, has led to the great tendency of men performing the act of rape. Under this thread, the fact that men are endowed with more strength only helps them to act aggressively during sex, and yeah, gives them the upper hand during rape.

But truth remains that they way we control and act on our tendencies mold the way we become productive and unproductive in the society.

So with this, we come to the end of our topic; “Why Do Men Rape?”

Do you wish for me to write on why women rape? Don’t be surprised, women do rape too. So if you want me to write an expository article on that, kindly state so in the comment section.

Do you've other reasons you think Men Rape? (No generalization). Kindly share your opinion in the comment section and don’t forget to FOLLOW me up for more updates.

Goodbye, and have a nice day/night.

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