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Rape Offenders in Nigeria

You may begin to ask yourself: why is this so? Why are people being raped? Well thanks to NOIPOLLS rape poll, we were able to understand what the different reasons are. These were ranging from indecent dressing, promiscuity, alcohol and lack of morals.

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I had to take a step further by taking a closer look at the profiles of these rape offenders.

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Yes obviously, most are men. Most offenders are from the ages of 18–55+ years. A very disturbing statistic.

We all want this disturbing act to stop so our brothers, sisters, children can really be safe. You too can help in initiating this change for good.

Let’s play our role in keeping us all safe by signing this petition, and immediately reporting any rape case we know of to the authorities.

Let's work together to get these rape offenders adequately punished.

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