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Friend Cries Out For Help For Teenager Whose Family Allegedly Strips Naked & Beats Frequently

Friends of a teenager living in ibadan are calling for help on behalf of the teenager claiming that the teenager's family abuses her a lot by beating and stripping her naked.

Based on reports from one the freind the girl is 18 and has been alledgely beaten at home for some time now.

The freind who made this report claimed that the girl's mother beat her a d stripped her naked due to the fact that she came home late. The report also mentioned the family members have been strict with her including Uncles, brother,cousin.

According to reports she recently escaped the horrors she was facing at home and went to stay in a freind house and family begged her to come back.

She later returned home, but never expected them to cause harm to her .She claims they beat her to pulp,seize her phone and locked her up in a room like a prisoner.

The freinds also shared screen shot of chat of the 18 years old complaing of domestic abuse from family.

She claimed that she has almost been beaten like a person who does not deserves to live and injured by her uncle.

The freind shared photos of her friend beaten and stripped naked and have told people to tag anyone who can help.

Please share let NGO intervene in the matter,it is not fiction.

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