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"Shameless Lady" See What She Was Caught Doing At A Big Super Market In Lagos (Video)

A very young and pretty lady was caught shoplifting at a big supermarket in Lagos. This lady who thought she has evaded the eyes of everyone was caught by a hidden camera as she hurriedly slotted a lot of goods into her underwear, bag and shirt.

Greediness is the major reason why someone would decide out of her own will, to take something that doesn't belongs to her, in a major place at that. While some argued that she's probably not in her right senses and nees to be psychologically tested, it's still no reason why she would go and loot a supermarket in broad daylight as if her palliatives where kept there.

Alhough the lady's name couldn't be identified, it's said that all the stolen items were recovered by the security and was thus handed over to the police force. It's a very big shame that a girl of her age doesn't prioritize the need to work for her own money or manage whatever she has got, or even beg, these are more honourable than stealing.

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