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Mozambican women arrested for washing and reselling used face masks.

As if we do not have enough on our plate with the coronavirus itself, we now have to deal with people who have in some ridiculous way found a way of making money and a livelyhood from it. And no, not the good kind of livelyhood, instead it's one that can have us going backwards instead of making progress. 

As the world battles the Coronavirus pandemic, two Mozambican women said to be employed by a Chinese national, were recently caught washing used facemasks which they intended to resell to residents of Sofala province in the country. 

This is both disturbing and shocking at the same time. The coronavirus is ravaging through the world and these Mozambican women decide that it's a great I dea to collect all used face masks, not bothering about where they are from or who used them. In this critical time this comes as a major step in the wrongest of directions. To think that these women were to resell these masks that was supposed to be used one time and disposed immediately, to their fellow members of their community. Now that's just the height that wickedness, selfishness and being inhumane can get. 

It's a good thing that they were stopped from carrying out such sinister plan and getting away with it. All the masks have since been destroyed as seen in the pictures. Please stay safe guys, desperate measures is making Alot of people take and make drastic decisions. 

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