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["The Truth Shall Set You Free"] The actual meaning of this statement

With the exception of children under the age of 2years at least, everyone has heard or read this statement; "The truth shall set you free".

Quick story

A business man has 5 workers, and they do their jobs pretty good and up to expectation. There came a time they decided to recount the goods they had remaining and to balance their accounts.

Unfortunately, the boss discovered that 2 items were missing. So he asked them; "who stole my money"?. They all denied having anything to do with the loss.

Except one worker who decided to play a good Christian, he confessed to the boss that he had a hand in the loss. Not just him, but two other workers too. But the two still denied and rather claimed that he was trying to implicate them.

After all the drama, the worker who told the truth was locked up for 2 weeks and had to work extra months to pay up.

Does the truth actually sets you free?

Yes !!!

The problem is that we fail to get the context of the statement.

The actual meaning

When you tell the truth, it does not mean you won't get punished. When you tell the truth, you get corrected by going through pain if needed.

And after you have been punished, then you're whole again. The situation get settled and you're Set free from it.

Your spirit becomes clean, and you won't end up living in regrets and shame.

Now when you don't tell the truth, the situation won't get corrected and you live in remorse knowing that you actually did this. And you may even make same mistake again.

Those that lie about their wrong doings Adds to their crime.

If you stole meat from the pot, and the soup get soured in the morning. You have committed two offenses .

Then when asked, and you choose to lie. You have added a third offense. And you kill your spirit because you keep living in remorse.

So know this, "the truth actually sets you free but you will go through pain if needed".

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