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Man tried to stab his ex-girlfriend, then this happened

This didn't happen in Nigeria but in US. The man was caught to have made an attempt to stab his ex-girlfriend.

What really happened before them has not been known. But according to the footage gotten. The girl was on a walk with her baby. The baby was placed in a cot where the baby was being pushed by her mother.

The man came unexpectedly from nowhere and made the attempt to stab her. She grabbed her and stabbed with the knife, leaving her on the floor. He was fully aware that camera might be around and he tried all possible best to avoid it.

Unfortunately for him, his face was caught on the footage and they are searching for him. The lady is alive and she didn't die from the stab. The baby also is well and ok.

This is your ex, why don't you forget about her and move on with your life. Instead of trying to kill and put more on your neck.

It do happen here also. What is common here is lovers killing themselves after a break up. May God help us.

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Nigeria US.


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