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5 reasons why Nigerian ladies run after Yahoo Boys. No 1 is most obvious

5 reasons why ladies run after Yahoo Boys. No 1 is most obvious

ln their quest of getting quick money without labour, Majority of Nigerian youths today have turned towards cybercrime because they feel that's the only thing that can make them wealthy at the comfort of their home. Are they getting rich through this? Yes they are but not all. 

A lazy Nigerian youth might just sit in his room with a smartphone in his hand, register fake Gmail accounts, impersonate a white man or woman and lure his victims into sending money to him from abroad. He keeps scamming people until he's apprehended one day by the Police, Economic financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) or other law enforcement agents. 

This set of men I just analyzed are called yahoo boys. Due to a number of reasons ,Girls are always flocking around these so called Yahoo boys. Want to know why? Here are 5 reasons why girls are always running after Yahoo boys.

1. Yahoo boys spend lavishly : Money earned from defrauding others is more like free money, hence there is little or plan on how to spend it. They just sit in their room (hideout) for few days or weeks and then walk to the bank to withdraw money they didn't really work for.

Well, most Nigerian girls don't care how the money is gotten, as long as the money is present and they get anything they request for. So when it's pay day for yahoo guys, girls are next. 

These innocent girls don't even care maybe it's money earned from defrauding others. They just want money!

2. They party hard with ladies : Most ladies love clubbing, although not all know how to dance but they simply love to enjoy the fun and all cruise on snap.

After a yahoo boy gets his pay from his client, its party time. Since ladies are aware of this, they don't miss the chance to go out and have all the fun at least they are sitting in the midst guys where Champagne and Hennessy are ordered. 

A fraudster will spend some chunk of his money to celebrate like he just won the presidential election.

3. Most yahoo boys are very Romantic : Every lady loves a man who is a sweet talker and romantic as well, yahoo guys have sugar-coated tongue, little wonder they know how to talk their way to defrauding individuals.

 If he can sweet talk a 70 year old woman to sending him money with fake promises of marriage, how much more a young pretty lady.

Most of them are players but not all.

Ladies love sweet words, hence they love yahoo guys. Apart from the Triller and Lomotif in great background when he isn't glued to his computer, he is with his girl.

4. Show Off : Ladies love to have a guy they can proudly introduce to their friends, a guy with the car and all the swag. They love to be tagged as the girl dating the big boy. With all the cars, gadgets a yahoo guy possesses, ladies want to hangout with them.

Moving with friends in their fleet of cars, you find a lady next to him in the front seat saying 'hi' and 'hello' to any of her friends who crosses her path.

5. Believing There Is Room For Change : Ladies think they can convince a bad guy to change when they go into a relationship. 

When ladies go into a relationship with a yahoo with the hope of changing him, they should also know they are trying to restrict their source of income in the process.

Most times it's always difficult for a lady to change a yahoo guy so they become stuck in the relationship and when nemesis comes they both suffer for his misdeeds.

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