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5 Girls That Were “Below The Age Of 8” Who Got Pregnant And Still Gave Birth

As soon as a woman begins producing eggs, she can get pregnant. This occurs after a year of the first menstruation. Some may see their first menstruation very early, while some some will see it late.

In this article, i will be unveiling 5 girls who got pregnant below the age of 8.

1. Lina Medina: Lina Medina is a Peruvian girl who became the youngest mother in history. She got pregnant and gave birth successfully at the age of 5. Her father was arrested in suspicion of sexual assault, but was later released because there was no evidence to prove im guilty. Lina gave birth through Cesarean Section to a baby boy.

2. Liza: Liza was raped and impregnated by her grandfather at the age of 5. She gave birth at the age of 6 using retractors. Her baby died at birth.

3. Griseldina Acuna: This little girl was impregnated by a family friend and she gave birth at the age of 8. She began menstruating at the age of 3.

4. Mum-Zi and Zi: This happened right her in Nigeria between 1884-1893. Zi became a mother at the age of 8 years.

5. H: This last one is an Indian girl known by the name H. She got pregnant and gave birth at the age of 6. She gave birth by Cesarean Section to a baby girl.

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