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Meet The Country With The Lowest Number Of Rape Cases

The world today is confronted with so many cases of rape ranging from young to adults.Some of these cases are reported and some victims neglect to report because of threats from the rapist.

Major standards have been put in place as to control this vicious activity.Countries today have made a penalty for anyone caught in this crime.Rape is really not what should be heard but this trend has sparked media attention in top countries.

Today, I will like to tell you of a country that has made it possible to have the least number of rape cases.You will ask, how do they do it?The United Nations statistics on drug and crime related issues announced a country in Central Europe to achieve this feat.The country is Liechtenstein.

Liechtenstein is a german speaking country located in the south west of central Europe.It is the fourth smallest country in Europe with a population of an estimated 39 000 people.

Liechtenstein has one of the world’s lowest crime rates, with its last murder occurring in approximately 1997 and its prison holding very few inmates.

Citizens who are given prison sentences longer than two years are transferred over to Austria. The crime rate is so low that the average Liechtenstein resident reportedly doesn’t even lock her front door.They are really friendly and co-exist with people, violence in this country is not so much as to its little population.

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