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When I saw The Baby, I Became Weak And My Body Began To Shake: Abubakar Idris

Under different circumstances, humans can be the kindest, gentlest species or the most murderous. Evolution may hold clues to that Jekyll and Hyde nature.

On a daily basis, all of us learn about acts of such cruelty and insensitivity that any person with any sense of humanity at all feels a sense of "heart-breaking", or perhaps, “heart rending” distress upon finding out about them. Acts of incredible ferocity between strangers, among family members, coworkers, students, and committed against animals assault our consciousness from every direction.

A rapidly expanding cadre of coldhearted and experienced career criminals is certainly one source of these vile developments. However, such horrible crimes have also become commonplace at other levels of our society.

Even among parents and children, acts of abominable viciousness have become routine.

The stories of these crimes all have a shocking common factor: the callous disregard for suffering that suggests the complete absence of even a particle of compassion. Cruelty of this level is so extreme that even experienced law enforcement and justice system professionals regularly express surprise and incredulity.

After finished reading you will have something to say about this heartless being.

Residents of Gwallameji, a suburb of Bauchi metropolis, woke up on Thursday to discover a dead baby, discovered by a scavenger in a dumpsite.

According to the scavenger, Abubakar Idris, said he was going about his business when he saw the baby, whose umbilical cord and placenta were still attached to the body.

In addition, Idris said: “We were picking waste plastics when I saw a baby lying dead with parts of its body rotting. I, immediately, called my brother’s attention to it, but he ran away.

Since I couldn’t handle it, we first called a man walking nearby whom we showed what we saw, before going to call our neighbours and my mother. He said.

Honestly, when I saw the baby, I became weak and my body began to shake. I had to sit down because I was about to fall.”

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